Expert Counselling and Cognitive / Behavioural Therapy Helps Achieve Sobriety

Substance abuse is widely prevalent in modern society. Over the past few years, the problem has escalated to unprecedented levels. Easy availability of drugs has made the problem even worse and far graver. Teenagers and young adults are the ones who get affected the most; most of these people start taking drugs to break away from stress or depression caused due to competition or failure in daily lives. One must however realize that drugs don’t provide the solution, but worsen the situation even further by taking control of the person’s body and mind. There are hundreds of substance abuse treatment agencies in different parts of Canada and the United States which treat drug addicts and alcoholics effectively. In order to provide thorough treatment to the addicted patients, the most substance abuse agencies follow a comprehensive treatment plan.

Substance abuse affects a person in many ways. They lose their jobs, mess up their career and ruin their finances. Their social and personal lives also get shattered. Drug addiction and alcoholism affects not just the addicted person but the whole family as well. In such grave circumstances, timely and proper drug treatment is the only solution.

Recognizing that you need help and working with a drug and alcohol counsellor can help minimize the impact of your addiction!

The first step of the treatment process is actual realization of the situation by the addicted person. They need to realize that substance abuse is a dangerous disease that needs attention from specialists who can help the addict become sober. Treatment agencies work hand in hand with the families of the addict to make the process of sobriety comfortable and easy for patients.


Alcohol and drug treatment should keep in mind different aspects of the addiction problem. Repetitive drug abuse leads to extensive damage of the brain. Addict become completely dependent of the substance and can think of nothing else. The brain loses its capacity of sound reasoning. Counselling and cognitive / behavioural therapy at substance abuse agencies are specially conducted for addressing the mental and behavioral aspects of substance abuse. Thus, all substance abuse agencies should include different kinds of counselling and cognitive / behavioural therapy in their treatment plan.

Drug addiction is a disease that has both physiological as well as psychological aspects. Counselling is therefore required to cure the psychological aspect of addiction in a proper way. The different types of cognitive / behavioural therapy are meant to address the behavioral issues caused by drug abuse over a continuous period. Drug abuse is often caused in some people because of certain behavioral problems that they have. The behavioral problems are directly related to the mind. For such persons cognitive / behavioural therapy proves highly effective.

Most proper substance abuse treatment agencies follow drug treatment plans that include both counselling and cognitive / behavioural therapy. Experienced therapists can use cognitive / behavioural therapy to root out addiction from the mind and life of the addict. Cognitive / behavioural therapy is actually a way of teaching the brain what is right and what is wrong. Most substance abuse agencies conduct extensive sessions of cognitive / behavioural therapy to treat addiction.