Established in 1996, HeartQuest Addiction Wellness Centre provides resources for anyone struggling with problematic substance use. HeartQuest helps clients become self-sufficient and internally resourced.

 CEO Statement: Cory Wint, MA, ICADC


Over the years I have witnessed all forms of addiction and have seen the devastating effects it has on the family unit. When individuals first start to use addictive substances, it is never with the intention to become addicted. Addiction is a phenomenon that slowly seduces the individual with its false promises and crafty illusions.

An addicted person is often associated with the picture of a person on skid row drinking out of a paper bag or poking a needle in his or her arm; however, I often work with individuals who often “appear” to be functioning, but in reality are stuck in the rut of addiction. Often it is the loved ones who notice “something is wrong” with the individual, but they can’t put their finger on exactly what is wrong.

According to Wikipedia, addiction can be defined as a “chronic relapsing disorder characterized by persistent drug-seeking and drug-taking behaviours”; it is a harmful habitual repetition of a certain behavior that a person is unable or unwilling to stop, despite the negative consequences.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, give us a call. I know, through my own personal struggles, just how difficult it can be to overcome an addiction. I guarantee you won’t get a quicker response from any agency in Canada.

We care, because we’ve been there!

Cory Wint, MA, ICADC
President & CEO
HeartQuest Addiction Wellness Centre

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