Marijuana_pixThink marijuana is harmless.

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Young people need to pay attention as this substance gains acceptance in society (notice all the dispensaries springing up everywhere!!)

 Who Gets Addicted To Weed?

Marijuana is the most common drug of abuse in the U.S.  Why do people smoke weed?  Well, for lots of reasons.  In fact, 60% of all illegal drug abuse occurs with marijuana and about 1 in 12 people who smoke weed may become dependent on it. The risk of addiction goes up to about 1 in 6 among people who start smoking weed when they are adolescents, and 25-50% of daily users. According to one study, teenagers who exhibit antisocial problems and use marijuana can quickly become addicted to it.

Are You Addicted To Weed? How To Find Help!

There are currently no medications used to treat marijuana addiction but several cannabinoid antagonists that are in development.  For example, cannabidiol, THC and lofexidine are currently under clinical trial to test how they affect withdrawal symptoms and whether or not they can help prevent relapse.  So at the moment, marijuana addiction treatment programs focus on counseling such as contingency management (CM), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and combinations of those approaches. There are also a number of programs designed especially to help individuals who abuse marijuana.   Finally, support groups have been found to help treat addiction to marijuana.

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