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Drug and Alcohol Testing
We can test for 12 of the most common used drugs.
HeartQuest’s highly skilled and effective counsellors educate and provide solutions to help clients move toward effective problem solving.
Intervention Services
An Intervention is a discreet and professionally planned process designed to illustrate the reality of addiction to the problematic user.
USA Court and SAP Services
HeartQuest offers Clinical Assessments by Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counsellors, approved by the United States Department of Transportation as Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP).
Substance Abuse Medical Monitoring
The Medical Monitoring process is an ongoing deliverable of the formal Relapse Prevention Agreement, which the client signs as a contingency management contract.

Locations: Vancouver & Burnaby
Vancouver Office: 2839 Kingsway Street (Entrance on Fairmont Street)

Burnaby Office: 2025 Willingdon Avenue, 9th Floor

Langley: 20641 Logan Ave #206, Langley

Surrey: Unit 1 - 10318 Whalley Blvd. Surrey 

Tsawwassen / Delta: 5565 - 15B Ave. 

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At HeartQuest we understand that Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are chronic, progressive diseases. Left unchecked, substance abuse and dependance have proven to be costly and even deadly. HeartQuest offers a number of need specific substance abuse services which help the client disconnect form destructive substance abuse, moving them towards productive societal integration.



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HeartQuest helps clients become self-sufficient and internally resourced.
Cory Wint, MA, ICADC, is the Chief Executive Officer at HeartQuest and has worked in a variety of disciplines within the Social Services and Human Development field. With a degree in Human and Social Development, and as the holder of International Drug and Alcohol Certification (ICADC), Cory has clinical experience in dealing with complex problematic substance use and the ancillary issues that often accompany addiction. Further, Cory is a certified Substance Abuse Professional as defined by the United States Department of Transportation.
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Think marijuana is harmless. Click on the link ~ The Nature of Things: The Downside of Addiction . Young people need to pay attention as this substance gains acceptance in society (notice all the dispensaries springing up everywhere!!) Who Gets Addicted To Weed? Marijuana is the most common drug...
Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious problems that cause numerous problems in Canada. If you or anybody you know are struggling with an addiction, it is imperative that you help the affected individual to a reputable Substance Abuse service provider where professional help is provided at a...
Addiction Counselling
Amy Winehouse was a terrific talent and one of my favourite recording artists. She also struggled with substance abuse. To what extent remains largely unknown but her death has fueled debate as to the precise nature of drug addiction and how it should be addressed by society as a whole. In other...
The Nature of Addiction
An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by one, or often many, people (usually family and friends) to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction or some other kind of serious problem. The term intervention is most often used when the traumatic event involves addiction to drugs or...
Intervention Services
How does someone become addicted. In my CEO message I talk about how an addicted person is often associated with the picture of a person on skid row drinking out of a paper bag or poking a needle in his or her arm. When individuals first start to use addictive substances, it is never with the...
Substance Abuse in Vancouver
You should not stop drinking cold turkey if you’ve been drinking heavily for a period of weeks or months . This is because your body has adapted to the presence of alcohol and will go through withdrawal when the alcohol is taken away. Instead of gritting your teeth and jumping on the wagon “cold...
Quitting Drinking
There comes a point in which you realize there’s just no use in continuing to hurt yourself in this way. It may be a moment of realization when you see the way your children look at you, or a moment when you look at yourself and just ask ‘what happened to me?’ It’s the moment when you decide that...
Addiction in Vancouver
Cocaine is presently the most abused major stimulant in North America. A common myth is that cocaine is not addictive because it lacks the physical withdrawal symptoms seen in alcohol or heroin addiction . Cocaine has powerful psychological addictive properties. As more than one user has...
Cocaine Addiction
Many people have asked me about the initials after my name, ICADC. Thus, I thought it would be beneficial to write about what an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor (ICADC) is, what our role and function is, and who qualifies and oversees these Substance Abuse Professionals....
ICADC Credentials
A woman once asked me how many drinks her husband could have in a day before she should start to worry. She says he drinks three or four beers in the evening on work nights and a lot more on weekends when he doesn't have to go to work the next day. Another client worries that his wife's three or...
Alcohol Consumption
Drug and substance abuse has in one way or another destroyed countless lives and is continuing to do so. Homes and careers are left in wreck as dire consequences of this malady. Some data reports that drug addiction is one of the many causes of the rising number of divorce cases. Substance abuse...
Private Substance Abuse Counselling
Looking for quality addiction treatment in Surrey or substance abuse services in Surrey? Are you struggling with an addiction, depression, trauma, or grief? HeartQuest is a professional drug and alcohol treatment comprehensive service provider with 3 locations in the lower mainland of Vancouver....
Addiction Services - Surrey BC