Are you looking for a spiritual practise to support and enhance your 12 Step recovery?

You might like to check out this upcoming workshop on Improving Conscious Contact that covers the use of meditation practises through shamanism, to explore the 12-step process.

Shamanism is an ancient and time-tested spiritual path and worldview that emerged thousands of years ago and has been discovered on all inhabited continents of the Earth. It celebrates the interconnectedness and soul of all things seen and unseen, including the elements and forces of nature, the animal and plant world, and the sacred flow that runs through all. Shamanism provides a deep relationship with Spirit through the practise of shamanic journeying. This skill is a weaving together of prayer and meditation involving intention and letting go to receive spiritual guidance.

(A Sober Coach)

Many people exiting treatment can find themselves at a new point in life and this can be very overwhelming and present many new challenges. For people that are new in recovery a Recovery Coach, sometimes called “Sober Coach,” can be an important resource which helps guide the newly recovered person through the maze of new situations, helping them to gain insights. Recovery Coaching can be offered in a number of different formats, such as: on-call work, work within a pre-set schedule, or work centered on achieving very specific goals. 

Sometimes Recovery Coaches are hired to develop a specific skill asset such as:

~ transitioning from treatment      into your home community;
~ helping individuals access        community resources;
~ taking individuals to 12 step    meetings or counselling;
~ working one on one to            develop daily structure;
~ helping individuals develop      new coping strategies.

It is important that you take the time to write down a list of questions that are important to ask the Recovery Coach before hiring them for the position. It's important to know what their views are on accountability; what they do for reporting; what their role will be; what their background, experiences and qualifications are; their hobbies and interests; their 12 step program involvement (do they have a sponsor, are they active in the 12 steps, how many meetings do they go to, when was the last time they did a set of steps, length of clean time), and what was their drug(s) of choice as well as other questions that might be important to you or the person accessing the services.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction issues and you need help, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at 604.818.1771. We are a leading Canadian Drug and Treatment Agency that provides quality services to those suffering from alcohol or drug abuse issues.

Cory Wint BA, ICADC
CEO, HeartQuest

Looking for quality addiction treatment in Surrey or substance abuse services in Surrey? Are you struggling with an addiction, depression, trauma, or grief?

HeartQuest is a professional drug and alcohol treatment comprehensive service provider with 3 locations in the lower mainland of Vancouver.

We offer a number of professional and quality drug rehab services for Surrey such as:

~ Treatment for Alcoholism in Surrey BC

~ Treatment for Drug Addiction in Surrey BC

~ Intervention Services in Surrey BC

~ Professional Counselling for Surrey BC

~ Family Counselling & Solutions for Surrey BC

At HeartQuest, we understand that breaking the dependency cycle to addiction is a very hard task and in many cases needs professional attention. Taking the first step to admitting that we need help, can be a very overwhelming thought but once we take that first step it brings freedom.

We hear all the time that our clients felt like a thousand pound weight was lifted off their shoulders once they asked for help. Most people know for quite sometime that life has gotten out of control but our sense of pride or our need to be independent has gotten in the way.

If you have been struggling with addiction dependencies for a period time, you might want to look into our drug treatment programs or addiction services. Some key signs that you may have a dependency issue and need professional help is when you:

1. Previous attempts to cut down on using.

 2. Feeling annoyed or angry when questioned about your using.

 3. Feel guilty or bad about your drinking or drug using?

 4. Drank or used in the morning to get going or to combat a "hangover" feeling.


Expert Counselling and Cognitive / Behavioural Therapy Helps Achieve Sobriety

Substance abuse is widely prevalent in modern society. Over the past few years, the problem has escalated to unprecedented levels. Easy availability of drugs has made the problem even worse and far graver. Teenagers and young adults are the ones who get affected the most; most of these people start taking drugs to break away from stress or depression caused due to competition or failure in daily lives. One must however realize that drugs don’t provide the solution, but worsen the situation even further by taking control of the person’s body and mind. There are hundreds of substance abuse treatment agencies in different parts of Canada and the United States which treat drug addicts and alcoholics effectively. In order to provide thorough treatment to the addicted patients, the most substance abuse agencies follow a comprehensive treatment plan.

Substance abuse affects a person in many ways. They lose their jobs, mess up their career and ruin their finances. Their social and personal lives also get shattered. Drug addiction and alcoholism affects not just the addicted person but the whole family as well. In such grave circumstances, timely and proper drug treatment is the only solution.

Recognizing that you need help and working with a drug and alcohol counsellor can help minimize the impact of your addiction!

The first step of the treatment process is actual realization of the situation by the addicted person. They need to realize that substance abuse is a dangerous disease that needs attention from specialists who can help the addict become sober. Treatment agencies work hand in hand with the families of the addict to make the process of sobriety comfortable and easy for patients.


Drug and substance abuse has in one way or another destroyed countless lives and is continuing to do so. Homes and careers are left in wreck as dire consequences of this malady. Some data reports that drug addiction is one of the many causes of the rising number of divorce cases. Substance abuse is more often than not a precursor to crimes of horrific magnitude. The list is endless; the scale of problems will mount scary heights unless appropriate action is taken. Necessary steps are needed to address the rising problems of any individual before he/she reaches helplessness. Private Substance Abuse Counselling is a very effective way of dealing with excessive use of illegal drugs.