• Counselling: Assessment & Treatment Planning HeartQuest’s highly skilled and effective counsellors educate and provide...
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  • HeartQuest offers 'state of the art' Drug and Alcohol Testing. We can test for 12 of the most common used drugs. Presently…
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  • The Medical Monitoring process is an ongoing deliverable of the formal Relapse Prevention Agreement, which the client signs as a contingency management
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  • What is an Intervention? An Intervention is a discreet and professionally planned process designed to illustrate the reality of...
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  • HeartQuest provides 8 and 16 hour USA DUI and court ordered Education Courses, as well as 72 hour USA court ordered Education Courses.
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Over the years I have witnessed all forms of addiction, and have seen the devastating effects it has on the person, as well as on the family unit. When individuals first begin to use addictive substances, it is never with the intention to become addicted. 

Addiction is a insidious phenomenon - one that slowly seduces the individual with its deceptive promises of a way out, or of a better life. 

Addicted individuals are often associated with the vignettes we see of people on skid row drinking cheap wine out of a paper bag, or poking needles into their arms; however, I often work with idividuals who often 'appear' to be functioning, but, in reality they are stuck in the rut and degradation of addiction. Often it is the loved ones of the addicted person who notice that “something is wrong,”  but often they are unable to put their finger on exactly what is going on.

Addiction can be defined as a chronic disorder characterized by: 1) loss of control; 2) a compulsion to use (craving); and 3) the presence of consequences associated with using - it is a harmful habitual repetition of a certain behavior that a person is unable or unwilling to stop, despite the mounting negative costs.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, give us a call. I know, through my own personal struggles, just how difficult it can be to overcome an addiction. I guarantee you won’t get a quicker response from any agency in Canada.

We care, because we’ve been there!

Cory Wint, MA, ICADC
President & CEO
HeartQuest Addiction Wellness Centre Ltd.

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